The following care instructions will help you keep your earrings looking amazing for as long as possible.

Please treat your Lila & Fox earrings with care; if dropped or stored incorrectly, your earrings may break or become damaged in some way.

Handy tips to help prolong the life of your Lila & Fox products:

  • Keep your earrings in a nice dry environment, preferably in separate boxes.
  • Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, hairspray and moisturisers as this may cause damage or discolouration to your accessories.
  • Remove earrings before going to bed as this can damage the holes in your ears  and can also potentially break the backs of the earrings.
  • Your earrings don’t like to get wet so please remove before going in water.
  • Tassels sometimes need a bit of maintenance (just like our hair) but a simple brush with a basic comb and an iron or straighten (cotton tassels only!) will help bring them back to life.
  • Most of our pieces use resin which is best not stored in direct sunlight or at high temperatures as it can discolour over time.